Our Work

At Uganda Community Project our goal is to create a central space where people of the community can come together and learn and utilize resources previously lacking in this area. We believe in holistic community development and all of our programs operate through the central community center and the following are some of what is being done.

Public Library: The nearest library to Mpumudde is an hour walk away. Roughly 99% of the community have never been to a library in their lives. To many people books are a luxury. Literacy is a vital skill to thriving in the modern world, but access to books is a problem. The public library will be open to the whole community as well as neighboring towns. It will have reading programs to encourage reading for pleasure as well as reading for learning.

Computer lab: The community center will have a computer lab with internet for the community to use. The computers will be utilized in a variety of classes for students and adults in the town.

Children’s Early Reading Skills:
Our program for children ages 3-15 is developed out of a long survey and belief that early reading ability creates self confidence, social skills and academic success. Under this program, the children within that age group are to have access to reading materials such as books , kindles and other appropriate sources of reading exercise. This entire activity will be achieved through the public library and community center.

Computer Training Program:
Today’s generation it is all about computers and so this program focuses on providing the pupils/students with  basic computer skills to enable them catch up with the globalization and also broadens their  learning capabilities.  This program will be archived through the computer lab and  our technical volunteers who are willing to extend their knowledge to the community.

Adult Computer Literacy and Skills Training:
We are committed not only to the young generation but also to the adults within the community. We believe each and every individual as something to offer to the community  and so as Uganda community project we help co-ordinate by training men and women with new skills that will enable them  to create job opportunities for themselves and also equip them with basic computer skills, job training, and proper communication techniques.

Small Business Support

We seek to provide business skills training to enable the community to make their own job opportunity. We also support existing small businesses by marketing their fair trade products to the American market