Mission, Vision, and Values

To empower local Ugandan communities to rise above poverty with community development, technology, and education through a community center.

Our long term goal is to build and equip multiple community centers that will partner with local schools and churches to aid children in literacy and technology education so they are better equipped to finish school and find employment as adults. These community centers will also function as a place where adults in need of economic aid can take job training classes offered by volunteers from their own community. We see these centers as serving a function of matching peoples’ need with assets that they already have within their own community as well as the global community.


Community: We believe in the assets that communities have in themselves, even an economically poor community can be rich in what it has to offer the world. We believe in working together for the good of the community and in fostering an environment of care for our fellow humans.

The Person: We believe each person is made by God and therefore is valuable and has something to offer the world, whether or not they and the world can see it. We value our staff, volunteers, community members, donors, and beneficiaries and believe they all play an important role in the world.

Education: We believe in the power of education. We know that educated people have the power to transform their lives and their communities. We promote access to technology and books.

Partnership: As members of a global community we see the importance of partnering with one another in our own community and also across countries, cultures, and communities. With partnership, especially cross cultural, comes perspective and growth. We value the learning that happens when people of different cultures work together.

Respect: We believe people living in economic poverty deserve immense respect. We believe  in respecting people and cultures. We believe in respecting people and cultures who are different from us. We strive to treat people and also to portray people in a respectful manner.

The Example of Christ: We value following the example of Christ’s life, especially in terms of loving unconditionally, walking in our faith, and living in service to others.

Sustainability: We believe in taking steps to ensure that the community center will exist for the long term. We strive to put in place programs that are self sufficient and long lasting. We also believe in taking care of this earth that we have been gifted with. We are conscious to make decisions to keep our impact on the earth as positive as possible.

Growth: We value growing together as a project in the community and as well as helping people along in personal growth, whether that be in achieving a goal of owning a business or taking a class to learn a new skill or visiting a new place to expand their horizons.