Get Involved

Join us in helping our community rise above poverty.

Through community centers Uganda Community Project empowers and inspires the local communities to stand up for themselves and serve each other.

Host a Fundraiser
We value every contribution we receive. We know that some people would like to find ways to be more involved or contribute even more. Organizing a fundraiser is the most important thing you can do while we are in this stage of the project. Set up a bake sale, bracelet sale, fun run, car wash, silent auction, or other fundraiser and we can provide you with pamphlets and other UCP materials as well as the ability to receive credit cards which we have found to be a key to a great fundraiser. Please contact us and let us know about what you are interested in doing so we can help make it a success.

Spreading the word is always so important. Please follow us on twitter, pinterest, and instagram and recommend us to your friends. There are so many ways to spread awareness, here are a few we have thought of but please feel free to be creative!
– Start a club at your university
– Talk to your church about starting a partnership
– Wear our shirts!
– Share our blog with friends
– Hand out UCP promotional materials.
– Plan a visit to Uganda!

Once we have the community center funded we will have many more opportunities for hands on involvement in the States and in Uganda. Help us reach our goal!

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